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  Download Now Click here to download Track Those Trains V1.3.5 (16.4 Mb, approx 1 minuet with a typical broadband connection & 40 minutes with a modem)  

Track Those Trains is released as Shareware. This means you are free to pass it on to others for their own evaluation.

Extra functions and support via e-mail are available to those customers who choose to purchase a license, please see the Buy Now section of our web site, after installation of Track Those Trains, for license purchase details.

Buying a license allows you to add unlimited records and adds printing, exporting in pdf format and e-mailing of reports, a backup function, valuations and cost features as well as access to support via e-mail for Track Those Trains.

If you don't already have Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later, visit to download the latest version.