Track Those Trains is a multimedia software tool for all rail modellers, train spotters and rail enthusiasts, providing all the information you need to hand while securing all your experience and achievements.

Track Those Trains allows you to -
  • Protect and enhance the time invested in your pastime.
  • Plan and manage your current and future projects.
  • Show what you have achieved in the past and how you achieved it.
  • Highlight the pitfalls, problems and solutions you discovered.
  • Manage, document and value your collection.
  • Source and document all the information you need.
  • Easily share your ideas and achievements with others.
  • Document the creation of all your individual models.
  • Document the creation of your layout.
  • Link individual models to layouts.
  • Record a spotting diary.
  • Document what you have spotted, where and when.
  • Attach multiple photographs (digital images), video clips and documents.
The above is just a summary of what Track Those Trains can do to enhance your pastime. Other functions include an integrated diary, address book and web browser.
To discover more of what Track Those Trains can do, click here to obtain the trial version. If you like it, further features can be enabled by purchasing a license.