Get your copy

Getting your copy

To obtain your free trial copy of Track Those Trains simply click here and click on the Download Now link - check your PC meets the minimum system requirements.

Alternatively, if you would rather not download the Track Those Trains installation files you may order a CD containing the shareware / trial version for you to evaluate for £4.99* UK Stirling.

NOTE: You will still need to purchase a license to fully activate the software, please see the Buy Track Those Trains section of our web site after you have installed and evaluated your copy of Track Those Trains.

The shareware / trial version of Track Those Trains is a fully functional application but if you would like to remove the item limit and use the extra printing, reporting, e-mail, valuation, costs and backup functions you will need to purchase a license, this will also remove the 'Evaluation Edition' windows. You can purchase a licence at any time after you have installed Track Those Trains, via our web site, via e-mail, on the phone or by mail. Upgrading to the licensed version is simple and you will not lose any of your information entered in the evaluation edition.

Track Those Trains is released as Shareware. This means you are free to pass it on to others for their own evaluation.

A Track Those Trains license is £9.99* UK Stirling.
(*prices subject to change and exclusive of local import taxes).